Mouth Guards

With the use of mouth guards, Dr. Gage at Icon Orthodontics wants to protect the smiles of everyone in Calgary.

Mouth Guards, Calgary Orthodontist

Why might I need a mouth guard?

You may need a mouth guard whether or not you have braces.

Mouth guards are especially important to protect your smile while you play sports. At Icon Orthodontics, Dr. Gage provides custom mouth guards for patients in Calgary - of all ages!

Dental injuries are the most frequently incurred orofacial injuries from sports activities.

Mouth Guards relieve the stress concentrated on the anterior teeth in a frontal collision by absorbing and dispersing some of the shock energy.

Functions of Mouth Guards

Prevent laceration and bruising during impact. They act as a buffer between the lips, cheeks, and the teeth.

Findings suggest that athletes feel more confident and aggressive when they have proper protection.

Broken Teeth

Retrieve the broken fragment and see if your Dentist can reattach it. Most fractures of the enamel are only repairable.

Moved Teeth

Gently try to move the tooth back into place and see your Dentist. A splint may be recommended for 2-4 weeks.

What to do if you knocked out a tooth:

If you happen to knock out a tooth, you have 4 options to handle the tooth before seeing emergency attention:

  1. Handle the tooth: It's important that you handle the tooth by the enamel only, not by the root. You can also try to put the tooth back in, if it is clean.
  2. Ask your Hockey (or other sports) Arena if they have any “Hanks Balanced Salt Solution” or a “Save-A-Tooth container”. Follow the instructions on the container.
  3. Place tooth in a container of Whole Milk.
  4. Saliva (tuck the tooth into the side of the cheek inside the mouth).

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